IBM closes acquisition of CSL International for zEnterprise expansion

IBM has announced the closure of a deal to acquire virtualization management technology firm CSL International.

IBM has announced the completion of the acquisition of CSL International, an Israeli virtualization management software maker, in order to add the company's virtualization management software portfolio to its System z lineup.


The deal was originally announced in June . On Friday, the tech giant said that acquiring the Pituach, Israel-based company will "deepen the consolidation and cloud capabilities of IBM zEnterprise technology by offering simplified set up and management of the virtualization environment."

CSL's system, CSL-WAVE, runs on IBM's zEnterprise system and provides monitoring and management capabilities for System z environments. The software, designed to be part of the zEnterprise System -- a mainframe to consolidate servers -- will be added to IBM's portfolio early next year.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

"Around the world, companies of all sizes rely on IBM zEnterprise Systems for their efficiency, reliability and security," said Patrick Toole, General Manager, IBM System z. "With CSL-WAVE software in our portfolio, it will be easier for new and existing clients to set up and manage clouds on the mainframe, enabling them to provide enhanced services and support around big data, analytics and mobile to their customers."

The announcement comes on the heels of IBM's recently launched enhancements to the zEnterprise network. Additions include a new business class mainframe -- the IBM zEnterprise BC12 -- which aims to improve analytics and the use of both cloud computing and mobile.