IBM drops SoftLayer cloud storage costs closer to its rivals

IBM pushes down its storage costs closer to its infrastructure-as-a-service rivals and offers a direct network connection to its cloud services.

IBM has lowered the price of object storage available through its cloud infrastructure service SoftLayer.

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The price of SoftLayer object storage has dropped to $0.04 per GB per month — putting it nearer to its infrastructure-as-a-service competitors, such as Amazon, at $0.03 per GB per month, and Google, at $0.026 per GB per month.

SoftLayer also unveiled a new service that will allow customers to reserve a dedicated network connection between their own IT infrastructure and SoftLayer cloud services.

The Direct Link service will connect a customer's datacenter, office, or colocation facility to 18 Softlayer-linked facilities run by partner companies including Equinix, Telx, Coresite, Terremark, Pacnet, InterXion and TelecityGroup.

Direct Link is available to all SoftLayer customers, with pricing starting at $147 per month for a 1Gbps network connection and $997 per month for a 10Gbps link.

The company also lowered virtual server prices by up to five percent, introduced a tiered pricing model that lowers the cost per GB of memory as more RAM is added to servers and upped its outbound bandwidth allowance for bare metal and virtual servers.

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