IBM dumps Transmeta - Reports

Big Blue puts hold on plans to put Transmeta chips into ThinkPads

Computer giant IBM has shelved plans to include Transmeta's Crusoe microprocessor in its ThinkPad 240 notebooks, according to reports Wednesday.

Despite demonstrating a Transmeta powered ThinkPad at the US PC Expo in June, the reports suggest IBM has no immediate plans to include the chip in its notebooks.

IBM's decision has come at a precarious time for Transmeta: the company will issue its initial public offering (IPO) on 6 November, according to company underwriter Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.

Its technology has also been criticised of late with the suggestion that its power saving benefits come with a significant performance hit.

Although IBM would have been a huge scalp for Transmeta, other manufacturers including Sony, NEC and Hitachi remain committed to producing products using its Crusoe processors.

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