IBM expands LotusLive with Ariba and SugarCRM deals

The company has expanded its partnership with Ariba and has signed a new deal with SugarCRM, bringing the company's software into LotusLive

IBM on Thursday said it has expanded a partnership with Ariba and inked a new deal with SugarCRM.

The company said it will integrate Ariba Discovery into LotusLive. LotusLive subscribers will get access to more than 325,000 business-to-business sellers. The two companies already have a partnership where commerce tools are integrated into LotusLive.

In another partnership, IBM said it will integrate SugarCRM's tools into LotusLive. IBM will bring the collaboration tools — email, web conferencing and social networking — while SugarCRM will add tools like lead generation and issue resolution. LotusLive will also be integrated into SugarCRM software.

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