IBM, Good launch online community for business leaders

IBM and Good team up to launch a community that showcases how leadership is changing through the use of data and technology.

IBM and Good have partnered to launch a new online community for business leaders. Dubbed "Figures of Progress," the microsite celebrates how access to data and technology have changed the way businesses and organizations operate today.

The overarching goal is to connect business leaders within the community through both informative and inspirational content.

Good Worldwide CEO Ben Goldhirsch explained further in a statement that this will "showcase how leaders in businesses, cities and non-profits are using data to best align their specific objectives with society's needs and drive progress."

Referencing the "Moneyball" approach seen with the Oakland Athletics baseball team, IBM and Good assert that Figures of Progress will feature high-level executives whose data-driven decisions have led to impactful outcomes in their organization.

The community will include in-depth profiles of leaders from businesses, cities and organization. Some examples include New YorK City's chief digital officer Rachel Sterne and senior executives from growing tech businesses such as ZipCar and AirBnB.

Visitors are encouraged to participate in conversations about the profiles, possibly generating new business ideas and innovations.

For a closer look at Figures of Progress, check out the promo video below: