IBM Hursley head gets key DTI role

The first chairman of the Technology Strategy Board and its £320m technology funding programme will be a former IBM executive

The government has appointed a chair for its Technology Strategy Board to oversee a £320m technology funding programme over the next four years.

The board will guide technology strategy across government as set out in the 10-year framework for science and innovation earlier this year.

Graham Spittle, director of IBM's Hursely Laboratory, will be the first chair of the TSB, which will identify key technology areas for funding and voice the technology development needs of business within government.

Spittle said in a statement: "This represents a real opportunity to have direct input into development of the UK science and innovation strategy as well as government support for technology. The role of the board to deliver business-led advice will be critical."

Spittle's appointment is for a fixed term of two years and the remaining board members will be appointed over the next month, with the first meeting expected around the end of October.

More information on the government's technology programme can be found here.