IBM launches Bluemix Garage in Toronto

IBM's third Bluemix Garage is a collaboration center that revolves around mixing startup techniques in the enterprise.

IBM on Wednesday launched a collaboration center designed to utilize startup methods that can be used at corporations at scale to bring products to markets faster.

The center, IBM's third Bluemix Garage, will be housed in Toronto at the DMZ at Ryerson University, a startup incubator. The third Bluemix Garage in Toronto follows similar centers in San Francisco and London.

What IBM is really trying to do is connect startups and enterprises as well as push its Bluemix platform-as-a-service. Bluemix is the largest implementation of Cloud Foundry that has 100 tools and services.

IBM's Bluemix Garage aims to help startups launch products quickly via its methodology that revolves around design thinking, agile development and integration.

The company said it plans to launch more Bluemix Garages in Nice, France and Melbourne, Australia later this year.