​IBM launches law enforcement cloud service, emergency management application

IBM is putting is COPLINK database in the cloud on an as-a-service plan and launching an emergency management tool with The Weather Co.'s data.

IBM on Monday launched a law enforcement data repository as a cloud service and an emergency management application that's powered by its partnership with The Weather Co.

The company said its IBM i2 COPLINK database, which connects more than 6,000 law enforcement agencies in North America, will be offered as a cloud service. The move should enable smaller police departments to use COPLINK and connect dots on descriptions, license plate numbers, nicknames and other information.

COPLINK has been in service for about 20 years and is housed in the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications Systems' (Nlets) Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) data center.

Using the COPLINK cloud service law enforcement data will be able to be uploaded from a vehicle, mobile device or computer.

As for the emergency management effort, IBM, via its The Weather Co. alliance, will launch an emerging management suite that includes analytics with real-time weather data so towns and cities can prepare for natural disasters.

IBM's Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) for Emergency Management uses sensor data as well has historical information and adds visualization and collaboration tools to coordinate.

The goal is to improve lead time, respond faster and launch scenario planning.