IBM launches MessageSight, appliance aimed at M2M

The IBM MessageSight appliance is aimed at the auto industry, cities and states managing traffic, oil and gas and home appliances.

IBM on Monday launched an appliance designed to manage data from mobile devices and sensors tangled up in the Internet of things.

The IBM MessageSight appliance is aimed at the auto, traffic management, healthcare, oil and gas and home appliance industries. Big Blue is basing its appliance on the Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) technology. Last week, a bevy of technology companies said they would collaborate to create a standardized version of MQTT , which could enable more machine-to-machine applications.

MQTT, which is already used in sensors and medical devices, is a lightweight messaging system that will connect sensors and physical items to servers and networks. If successful, MQTT will enable data to be swapped between sensors, tablets, phones and data centers. MQTT will be standardized for low bandwidth, power and code and efficient distribution of data.

According to IBM, MessageSight can support one million concurrent sensors or smart devices. The appliance can also scale to 13 million messages per second.

MessageSight falls under IBM's Smarter Planet initiative, which in part aims to monitor and analyze physical structures. IBM said it plans to connect MessageSight with its MobileFirst software. Typically sensors haven't been able to communicate wirelessly, but MQTT enables low-power applications and real-time updates.