IBM launches SmartCloud Entry 3.1: A cloud solution for all seasons

Today IBM launches SmartCloud Entry 3.1, which is an easy to deploy, easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to adopt cloud solution.

What's better than a cloud solution? An easy cloud solution. That's what SmartCloud Entry 3.1 is—an easy cloud solution. It's a private cloud solution that runs on your infrastructure in the privacy of your data center. Being a private cloud solution means that you can now enjoy the benefits of cloud computing in a secure environment. The best part, in my opinion, other than it being easy, is that it installs into your virtualized environment no matter which vendor's products you use.

Don't let the Entry moniker imply any limitations on the SmartCloud Entry solution, because there aren't any. Entry just means easy, not limited. SmartCloud Entry is a full-blown, full-featured, highly scalable cloud enabling solution for businesses. IBM has just taken the sting out of cloud adoption both in complexity and in affordability.

SmartCloud Entry is an affordable cloud solution. And it's doubly affordable because you don't have to purchase a bit of new hardware or rip out and rebuild your current virtualized infrastructure to start using your own private cloud.

It's a cross-platform, multi-platform cloud solution that makes creating, using, and managing cloud resources as easy as a few mouse clicks.

If you don't believe me about the "few mouse clicks," check out this video that shows you how easy it is to deploy a new virtual private server using SmartCloud Entry.

And, you can also watch how easy it is to go from no cloud to cloud in a day with SmartCloud Entry.

I spoke with Jeff Borek, Program Director for Cloud Computing Systems and Technology Group, Ian Robinson, Product Line Manager for Virtualization and Cloud Solutions, IBM Systems Software Team, and Alan Dickinson, IBM Program Director for Cloud Computing in Mid-sized Businesses. You can listen to the full 32 minute podcast on my Frugal Networker blog site and gather information on SmartCloud Entry firsthand.

Some of the new key features of the new version, 3.1, are:

  • Expanded hypervisor options now includes Hyper-V.
  • Multiple server architecture support from the single interface.
  • Enhanced web portal for rapid self-service workload provisioning.
  • Pre-configured VM appliance images.

And of course, its standard features of automated approvals, metering, billing, users, and projects through the SmartCloud Entry interface and the capability to create gold master images, to convert from physical systems, and to convert virtual machine images between hypervisors.

IBM's SmartCloud Entry 3.1 will be generally available June 14, 2013.

For more information about IBM's SmartCloud Entry product or any of its cloud computing offerings, check out the IBM Cloud Computing SmartCloud website. This site provides several videos, multiple pages of features, product offerings, use cases, and a cloud computing community portal that provides additional learning resources and information.

Additionally, if you'd like to see more of SmartCloud in action, search YouTube for SmartCloud Entry and enjoy learning about the next generation of cloud computing.

For more information on private cloud click here to download a free ebook on private cloud from the Aberdeen Group.

What do you think of an easy to adopt private cloud computing solution? Do you think businesses will jump at the chance to move that direction or do you think they're still too reluctant to go cloud? Talk back and let me know.