IBM, Nvidia target virtual desktop applications in cloud

IBM is offering Nvidia's M60 GPU as the partnership between the companies in advancing cloud services for analytics advances.

IBM said Thursday that it will offer Nvidia's Tesla M60 GPU accelerator as a cloud instance in a move aimed at speeding up virtual desktop applications for computer aided drafting and similar graphics-intensive software.

Nvidia and IBM have been partners on various cloud efforts since GPU processors can speed up analytics applications.

According to IBM, it already offers Nvidia's Tesla K80 and K10 in the cloud. The partnership between IBM and Nvidia revolves around workloads for analytics, deep learning and artificial intelligence as well as graphics intensive applications.

The Tesla M60, along with Nvidia's GRID virtualization, is aimed at virtual desktops that need graphics intensive applications. IBM is allowing customers to spin those instances up as needed. In the big picture, GPUs are becoming a common enterprise building block for analytics workloads.

MapD, Haliburton and Repsol are among the companies using Nvidia GPUs in the cloud.