IBM offers 'as and when' power ups

Supply and demand in perfect harmony...
Written by Martin LaMonica, Contributor

Supply and demand in perfect harmony...

IBM has announced plans to focus on supplying customers with computing power as and when they need it At its PartnerWorld conference in the US, Big Blue will introduce upgrades to its WebSphere middleware, a key component of its on-demand computing initiative. Under the on-demand concept, powerful computer networks and other technological advancements will let companies buy computing power the way they now buy electricity. IBM is also expected to introduce "express" versions of its DB2 database and Tivoli systems management software. As previously reported, IBM will be relying on stripped-down, simplified versions of its server software products to appeal to midsized businesses. Sutor, director of web services technology at IBM, said: "What we're focusing on is the integration aspects of on-demand, which is about being as flexible as possible in responding to customer needs as quickly as possible. That's what it comes down to." IBM will unveil WebSphere Application Server Enterprise version 5. The upgrade to WebSphere will offer business process workflow capabilities, or the ability to design an application that automates a sequence of business transactions with a visual tool. The workflow capabilities, which IBM calls choreography, will be based on emerging web services standards. WebSphere Application Server Enterprise costs £15,645 per server processor. IBM will also introduce a software development tool aimed specifically at integrating applications, part of Big Blue's effort to help companies share data between disparate systems. Big Blue will also launch a series of programs to draw developers and partners to its web services software. The programs include software tools, training and documentation to explain the benefits of using web services.
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