IBM opens first SoftLayer cloud data center in Germany

Following up on Canada and London, IBM has tapped Germany to host a SoftLayer data center.


IBM has announced the opening of a cloud data center with SoftLayer in Germany, the first of its kind in the country.

Unveiled late Wednesday, the new facility is based in Frankfurt and aims to give customers the option of using a local center which adheres to Germany and Europe's security and data privacy regulations.

The opening of IBM's latest data center is part of the firm's $1.2 billion investment in cloud computing.

The Frankfurt cloud data center will follow SoftLayer's standard pod design, and will be able to support thousands of physical servers. The center will offer SoftLayer's full range of infrastructure services, including bare metal servers, virtual servers, storage, security and networking.

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IBM says the Frankfurt facility will be part of SoftLayer's global network and will offer 10Gbps connections to SoftLayer services, with only 7 milliseconds of latency from SoftLayer's Amsterdam facility and less than 330 milliseconds of latency from other SoftLayer cloud data centers thanks to the firm's network of Point of Presence (PoP) access points.

"Data privacy regulations in the European Union (EU) are among the most stringent in the world, and Germany has one of the strongest policies," said Lance Crosby, CEO of SoftLayer, an IBM-owned company. "While all our cloud data centers have SoftLayer's same strict standards for security and privacy, the new Frankfurt facility will allow German companies and clients to benefit from in-country data storage, a requirement in many industries to comply with German data protection laws."

In August, IBM marked Canada as a new location for setting up a SoftLayer data center. The data center is designed to host and support over 15,000 physical servers while using SoftLayer's global network through a network Point of Presence (PoP) based in Toronto.

IBM acquired SoftLayer in 2013 for approximately $2 billion. SoftLayer operates a global cloud infrastructure platform which currently manages over 100,000 devices and multiple data centers. The company provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service to businesses ranging from SMBs to blue chips.

The Experton Group forecasts the value of the cloud market in Germany to be worth 18 billion euros by 2017.

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