IBM reaches out to managed service providers with new cloud services

IBM tries to fill some gaps for managed service providers and outsourced IT departments with a new cloud scheme.

IBM is aiming to extend its cloud cover to managed service providers (MSPs) and the companies that hire them through a new set of cloud services.

The new global initiatives fall largely along two lines: financial and educational aid.

For starters, IBM experts will be made available to MSPs worldwide for advanced information and education for both technical and marketing skills. Additionally, IBM is touting that it will be offering "affordable" financing options in order to enable MSPs to acquire new technologies to encourage cloud adoption and scaling.

Thus, IBM will benefit as it gains customers and awareness for its own cloud and data analytics platforms -- namely the SmartCloud for building public, private, and hybrid cloud structures as well as the PureSystems ready-to-go cloud environment.

IBM points out that MSPs are typically hired by smaller companies that lack the time or resources for most of their own internal IT requirements.

Even though these services are directly targeted towards MSPs, the effects and benefits could be most felt by the small to mid-sized businesses that are soliciting them while they are trying to move sensitive data securely and seamlessly to cloud-based infrastructures.

Nevertheless, IBM is promising big benefits for MSPs too -- namely through the aforementioned marketing support and channels as MSPs will have access to IBM analytics that could lead to more insights about existing customers will leading to strategies to discover new ones.

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