IBM, SAP unveil partnership to accelerate enterprise cloud adoption

SAP now has the opportunity to expand the SAP HANA platform worldwide using IBM data centers.


IBM and SAP have joined forces to accelerate the adoption and deployment of enterprise cloud services.

Announced on Tuesday, the tech giants unveiled a new partnership in which SAP has selected IBM as a provider of cloud infrastructure services for business critical applications. Under the terms of the agreement, the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud platform is now available through IBM's cloud services portal.

It is hoped that the partnership will allow SAP HANA to expand to major markets worldwide through the support of IBM's cloud data centers and customer base.

Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP said in prepared remarks:

"We look forward to extending one of the longest and most successful partnerships in the IT industry. The demand for SAP HANA and the SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA in the cloud is tremendous and this global agreement with IBM heralds a new era of cloud collaboration. We anticipate customers will benefit from this collaboration and expansion of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud."

The companies say that the power of SAP's in-memory computing capabilities brought together with IBM's Cloud Managed Services and SoftLayer will accelerate the adoption of enterprise cloud services worldwide. In particular, SAP HANA is able to run mission-critical business applications in a cloud environment, whereas IBM's cloud can be used to access and securely manage SAP workloads, "with transparency and control over where data resides."

SAP and IBM say the partnership will allow enterprise customers to take advantage of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud with the global footprint of IBM cloud, resulting in better speed, data transparency and control; running SAP's offering on IBM systems will provide an "open-standards-based approach" to better enable the enterprise to more easily integrate existing technology with new investments, and both companies pledge that the merged solution will result in better security for clients.

IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Rometty commented:

"This announcement is a significant milestone in the deployment of enterprise cloud. It builds on our two companies’ long history of bringing innovation to business, and extends IBM's position as the premier global cloud platform. Our secure, open, hybrid enterprise cloud platform will enable SAP clients to support new ways to work in an era shaped by Big Data, mobile and social."

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