IBM sells Google 1,023 patents for Android legal defense

Google is fortifying its legal defense of the Android mobile operating system with the purchase of over a thousand IBM patents.

Bloomberg is reporting that IBM has sold Google 1,023 patents to help the search giant build its intellectual property arsenal and further the defense of the Android mobile operating system.

The patent buy actually finalized on August 17th, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s website. That link contains the full list of all one thousand-plus patents that Google now has at its command.

But if you're curious (I was), they carry such immensely fascinating titles as "METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REMOVING HARDWARE DESIGN OVERLAP," "ENCODING AND DETECTION OF BALANCED CODES," and "ANIMATION REUSE IN THREE DIMENSIONAL VIRTUAL REALITY." Well, that last one at least has some promise.

Regardless, we don't know financial details. But what we do know is that Google isn't about to let anything stand in its way in these Android patent battles, acquiring Motorola Mobility for its IP portfolio with one hand and giving Android smartphone manufacturer HTC a bundle of patents with the other.

And that's not even mentioning Intel's recently announced partnership with Google for Android optimization, which could bolster Google's patent defense strategy even further.

The flip-side to all this is that Google's escalation of patent acquisitions also means that the wide, tangled web of mobile IP lawsuits is only going to get more tangled. But that may be good news for fans of court drama.

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