IBM SmartCloud optimized for managing, drilling data from consumer devices

IBM's latest SmartCloud addition tracks customer intelligence on consumer devices with the promise of enhanced customer experiences as the reward.

IBM has unveiled its new Smart Cloud Service Delivery Platform for Electronics to keep up with what the tech giant describes as the acceleration of "the expansion of smartphones and TVs for the interactive home."

Essentially, IBM SmartCloud is designed to serve as a manager for up to millions of different connected consumer devices and provisions services from third-party customers, which in turns accumulates and collects customer intelligence.

The fueling factor here is analytics. IBM has said time and again that the cloud can be used for business innovation and creating new revenue streams via big data analytics, so long as businesses know what to do with all of that mined information .

With SmartCloud, IBM posits that this data could be turned around to provide enhanced and optimized customer experiences.

SmartCloud bundles software, hardware, network and third-party services and are offered on a pay-per-use basis.

Two of the partners that IBM is promoting with the debut of SmartCloud come from two sides of the consumer and entertainment device spectrum: Philips on the device side and Vodafone for the providers.

IBM uses the example of the data stored within the Philips Smart TV cloud, which could facilitate program recommendations to viewers based on past selections.

With Vodafone, SmartCloud could enable manufacturers and service providers to collect data from connected devices, and then use that feedback for improving product development and maintenance.

SmartCloud also follows a few other solutions that IBM has been rolling out to manage big data faster and better, such as the IBM Content Navigator for providing employees with access to relevant data from anywhere as well the Analytical Decision Management bundle for generating an automatic understanding of data correlations and real-time intelligence into millions of big data records.

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