IBM steps up analytics rollouts for industries

IBM has launched 20 analytics applications designed for industries such as retail, banks and oil and gas.

IBM on Tuesday rolled out analytics applications aimed at verticals including retail, banking, financial services, telecommunications and others.

The company said its applications create a portfolio of more than 100 analytics apps that include predictive modeling built in. IBM, like many technology vendors, are aiming to create turnkey analytics tools.

IBM said its secret sauce is that it has patterns and models from its services unit and 50,000 client engagements. The applications include ready-made models, industry-specific tools and dashboards by roles.

For the first volley, IBM launched 20 analytics applications for various industries. Retail, banks, financial advisors and oil and gas are among the first verticals.

Here's a look at two screenshots for the banking and retail applications, respectively:


As for future versions of the analytics apps, IBM said that it is working with design partners to optimize models and meet business needs.

IBM also said that it will integrate its analytics tools with its ExperienceOne customer engagement tools as well as Maximo Asset Management, which tracks work orders, job plans and service requests.

Keep in mind that IBM also has industry-focused analytics apps via its partnership with Apple. Here's how IBM differentiates the industry apps launched today relative to the mobile focused ones:

The IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions are industry-focused solutions that solve role-specific problems, such as helping airline pilots understand their fuel needs for flight planning. Those solutions manage a defined amount of data and provide analytics directly to professionals on their iOS device. The Industry Analytics Solutions we are announcing today are also focused on addressing very specific industry use cases, but do so with a broad set of analytic capabilities as well as managing multiple unique data inputs from internal and external sources. The Industry Analytics Solutions address very complex enterprise problems -- taking data from multiple sources and supporting multiple types of business users. These Industry Analytics Solutions come with role-specific user interfaces and are not designed specifically for mobile devices