IBM taps into GitHub with new cloud developer subscription

IBM is promising access beyond its cloud with this subscription as well -- primarily to open source community GitHub.

IBM has introduced a new subscription for cloud developers, promising them more tools and access to products across Big Blue's growing cloud portfolio.

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Dubbed DeveloperWorks Premium, the program is essentially a repackaging of IBM's DeveloperWorks community, now promising more "members only" content specifically geared toward developing on the IBM Cloud.

The DeveloperWorks community already has a considerable footprint with four million developers signed up. The platform offers language support in English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Portuguese and Spanish.

IBM is also connecting the dots between a number of the products that make up that cloud, offering tools and support for developing for supercomputer Watson, open source Platform-as-a-Service Bluemix, and the SoftLayer Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

BlueMix is something of a backbone to IBM's cloud development strategy as the tech giant placed a $1 billion bet on the hybrid platform in 2014.

Since then, BlueMix has apparently pulled its weight, based on IBM's boasting this past May that BlueMix was adding new users at a rate of 8,000 per week.

BlueMix expanded its repertoire -- and potentially its customer base -- in October with the debut of BlueMix Local, a new service seemingly catering to regulated industries.

Sitting behind an enterprise's firewall, Bluemix Local is meant to enable developers to write apps once and let them run across multiple platforms. Thus, these organizations could connect data and app programming interfaces in a single spot.

IBM is promising access beyond its cloud with this subscription as well -- primarily to the popular open source repository GitHub.

Under the DeveloperWorks Premium pass, subscribers will have direct access to fork and contribute to millions of existing projects on GitHub.

The service is available for purchase now via IBM's Cloud Shop.

Pricing starts at $399 per year, which includes full-year subscriptions for Bluemix and Softlayer as well as access to the developer edition of the IBM MobileFirst platform for making mobile apps.