IBM touts 'InterCloud,' cloud data migration tools

IBM researchers have cooked up InterCloud, a patent pending approach, designed to add resiliency to cloud computing and better protect information.

IBM on Friday said it has developed cloud storage software that's designed to allow customers move data across multiple clouds easily.

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The company said its techniques, dubbed InterCloud, is patent pending and designed to add resiliency to cloud computing and better protect information.

IBM also noted that InterCloud is more of a cloud-of-clouds approach designed to tie services together and avoid vendor lock-in.

Big Blue has gone on the offensive against Amazon Web Services and is looking to use its SoftLayer acquisition to sell infrastructure as a service as well as its portfolio of software and platform tools.

Separately, IBM said it won a $1.3 billion contract to build cloud infrastructure for seven European banks. 

IBM has also developed software called InterCloud Storage to use storage systems, third party private and public clouds for backup, sharing and data migration.

Here are the diagrams for InterCloud:

intercloud 1


InterCloud Storage (ICStore) allows storage to be dragged and dropped into any cloud regardless of vendor. SoftLayer will be the default storage provider.

Lance Crosby, CEO of IBM's SoftLayer, said that IBM will migrate its cloud portfolio of 50 to 60 properties to SoftLayer's infrastructure and will have the first dozen live in February.