IBM unveils developer site

Hopes DeveloperWorks has everything a developer could want, including areas for open-source projects and security.

Computing giant IBM continues to expand its line of online services with a new resource focused on open industry standards, and designed to help developers build better software.

Launched Tuesday, DeveloperWorks is intended as a central resource for over 10 million developers world-wide looking for product and platform-independent information for e-business application building. The site includes a combination of news, tools, code, tips, tutorials and how-tos based on cross-platform technologies.

The Open Source Zone is another forum for all IBM's own open-source projects, which Big Blue claims will allow developers to submit changes and fixes to code. This zone is based on a public license approved by the Open Source Initiative. Code available in the Open Source Zone will include the likes of Jikes Java Compiler, IBM Classes for Unicode (ICU), and Open Visualisation Data Explorer.

Users may be comforted to hear that IBM is also adding a Security Zone, for developers worried that their code might be at risk. This zone suggests security strategies and features columns by senior researchers.