IBM updates WebSphere offerings

Aims to give mobile devices a jump start
Written by Richard Shim, Contributor

Aims to give mobile devices a jump start

IBM is expanding the range of software and services it offers for companies looking to make wireless mobile devices more useful in the workplace. The computing giant on Tuesday will announce its Mobile Office Entry Jumpstart Solution, which is aimed at helping companies to pilot hardware, software and services for mobile devices. IBM's Global Services division is currently selling the package in the United States. IBM has been pushing standards-based technology to support the needs of customers using different devices and networks, which it refers to that as WebSphere. With its Mobile Office Entry Jumpstart Solution, IBM now supports operating systems that are used in 90 per cent of the handheld market, including Linux, Palm, Symbian and Pocket PC. IBM added that it is supporting the Tungsten T and will support the Tungsten W and C soon. Mobile Office Entry Jumpstart Solution is designed to let companies start small, enabling email capabilities on wireless devices, then grow to include new applications that can be supported by other WebSphere software. "Email and communications is not the end point - it's the starting point, and our platform is made to support additional features," said Joe Damassa, vice president of marketing of the pervasive computing division at IBM. Components of the Mobile Office Entry Jumpstart Solution allow workers to receive push notifications of important information coming from email, or alerts from supply chain and legacy systems on whatever device they prefer. Companies will also be able to roam and switch from different cellular networks to wireless local area networks depending on which is available and preferred by the employee, without losing the session. The package starts at around $80,000 for 25 clients and includes server software, 25 devices and 25 wireless cards to be used in laptops. Richard Shim writes for News.com
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