IBM wants to replace in-house tech support for SMBs with new service

IBM has added a new set of support services to connect growing small to mid-sized businesses with skilled technical professionals.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor on

IBM has introduced a new form of technical support for growing small and medium-sized businesses, regardless of location.

That's because the new Managed Support Services are intended to act as a single point of contact and source of online tech support for addressing for multi-vendor hardware and software.

The idea is that instead of paying for in-house tech support or multiple regional service contracts, IBM's new service essentially outsources the issues and is intended to connect SMBs with "highly skilled technical professionals" worldwide.

The Managed Support Services subscription includes access to call-centers for customer problem resolution and engineering support as well as o-nsite services, such as parts inventory management, stocking and delivery.

Because this service is based on an integrated and automated delivery model, IBM suggested that an added benefit is it can monitor and aim to prevent service outages within a customer's environment.

IBM listed some examples of growing companies that might benefit from this set of services, including retailers and medical device providers.

For a closer look at IBM's new vendor services, check out the promo video below:

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