IBM's Deep Blue to end ISPs' e-mail traffic jam

The underlying technology which drove IBM's chess master Deep Blue to beat Gary Kasparov is to be made available to ISPs in an attempt to deal with increasing e-mail traffic.

IBM has announced that its Scalable E-Mail Server solution which combines IBM's RS/6000 with SoftSwitch, a suite of electronic messaging software developed by Lotus, will be made available to ISPs. The technology which drives IBM's scalable server solution was also embedded in Deep Blue.

According to IBM, "the solution enables ISPs to quickly add hundreds of thousands of new electronic mailboxes at a low cost per user".

IBM has always maintained that Deep Blue and its base technologies are commercially viable and would find a useful home in database management, and that its technology could help solve many a server problem in the IT industry.

IBM added that future solutions will include management and security offerings related to providing Internet access to large numbers of subscribers, community-based services based on the Lotus Domino platform, and complete store-front hosting solutions based on IBM's Net.Commerce platform.