IBM's latest analytics software targets human capital challenges

IBM's latest analytics software packages derive from the social HR services Kenexa team, which Big Blue acquired for $1.3 billion in 2012.


Many IT admins (not to mention analysts and IBM shareholders) are likely very keen to hear what the next step is for Big Blue's deal with Apple, but there are plenty of other big data projects in the pipeline too.

The tech giant added another set of cloud-based analytics software products to the portfolio, this time focusing on workforce, talent, and human capital management challenges.

Stemming from the social HR solutions Kenexa team, which IBM acquired for $1.3 billion in 2012 , here's a rundown on the new options:

  • Predictive Hiring tools based on data from behavioral assessments to better comprehend traits about individual employees and teams alike to identify top talent
  • Workforce Readiness, integrating predictive analytics and project management tools to assess existing and potential business demands
  • Predictive Retention for both preventing workforce attrition by better analyzing exit interviews and surveys about risk factors and departure reasons

Packaged in with IBM’s Smarter Workforce offerings, the trio of services are also being unveiled alongside IBM's new Talent and Change consulting practice.

The program is targeted toward employers and HR professionals, also serving up data analytics about behavioral science, among other metrics, for curating a stronger and optimized workforce.

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