IBM's new storage systems take on EMC

IBM new storage systems take on EMC

IBM has launched its new data storage systems which it says are aimed at "aggressively competing" with rival storage management provider EMC's products.

TotalStorage DS6000 and DS8000 series, which will be available worldwide early December, are a data storage system said to "bridge the gap between once incompatible high-end and midrange storage classes".

Storage business unit executive for IBM's ANZ Systems business Wayne Glynne said the two new products are "blurring the lines between midrange and enterprise storage classes".

"Now customers can avail of midrange storage systems that have the capacity of an enterprise system but with a midrange price," Glynne said.

The new IBM systems include a scalable storage system and a compatible ultra-dense storage system that "provide capabilities found in EMC systems that can be up to 20 times larger and twice as expensive".

The TotalStorage series is slightly larger than a VCR and "one twentieth the size of comparable EMC systems". Glynne said the series provides "large system performance and reliability features for as little as half the price of comparable EMC DMX800 configurations".

Glynne said that unlike EMC products, customers will only need to learn one set of skills to be able to deploy the two storage systems.

"Customers only need one set of skills to deploy the products from midrange to enterprise storage systems. Previously you need to learn separate skills for deploying systems in different range. Needless to say we have the product that our competitors don't have at this point in time," Glynne said.

The IBM TotalStorage DS8000 series provides clients with "virtual storage systems," and the ability to consolidate workloads running on smaller systems.

"These are the most significant storage announcements we have made in more than a decade. IBM is focused on being the storage innovator and clear technology leader," said Glynne.

He added that the DS6000 and DS8000 series are the result of a large-scale, multi-year research and development effort by IBM in the hope of "restoring the company's top position in all elements of the trade".

Both systems include game-changing POWER microprocessor technology and mainframe-inspired features that enable clients to "dramatically improve storage utilisation by virtualising and sharing system capacity across diverse servers and applications".

"Today, we are delivering new economics and choice by leveraging common components, breakthrough technologies from mainframes and supercomputers, and unmatched virtualisation and management capabilities," Glynne said.

The DS6000 series pricing is expected to start from approximately AU$175,000 and the DS8000 from approximately AU$550,000.

The DS6000 series and the DS8000 series come with a four-year warranty on hardware and software and is expected to have a normal volume ramp up in the first quarter of 2005.