​IBM's SoftLayer added as eBay Enterprise hosting partner

IBM is hoping to get more exposure to e-commerce companies and be seen as a cloud infrastructure partner.

eBay Enterprise's Magento unit has added IBM's SoftLayer as a hosting partner.

Magento provides e-commerce software to boost sales, convert leads and garner traffic. eBay recently said that it is exploring options for its enterprise unit, which provides fulfillment and technology for other retailers.

For IBM, being added as a hosting partner is part of its cloud ground war, which revolves around winning deals in various industries. In Magento's hosting network, IBM's SoftLayer will stick out as a large player. There are 13 hosting partners today with Rackspace being the largest.

Magento works with more than 240,000 retailers globally.

IBM is betting heavily on SoftLayer to provide growth as other units such as hardware struggle. The company has been retooling and restructuring to focus on new markets such as analytics, e-commerce, mobile and cloud.