iboss merges FireSphere with HP tech to combat ransomware

The company says the upgrade allows FireSphere to detect malware intrusions and contain outbreaks immediately and automatically.


iboss Cybersecurity has leveraged Hewlett Packard's SDN EcoSystem to help businesses combat emerging threats including the CryptoLocker ransomware.

Announced on Tuesday, the cybersecurity firm said its FireSphere Threat Isolator solution has been upgraded through HP's software-defined networking (SDN) architecture and its SDN VAN controller. The new SDN app, which is part of HP's SDN App Store, has improved Firesphere's capabilities in detecting network intrusions and malware inside business systems, as well as the containment and eradication of malware including CryptoLocker.

Paul Martini, CEO of iboss Cybersecurity says that while it is "unrealistic" to believe corporations can prevent every type of malware from threatening networks, automatic detection and quicker eradication is crucial in damage control.

"We're excited to now make this SDN application available to our customers through HP SDN App Store, and demonstrate iboss' aggressive approach in defending enterprises in this new era of cyberattacks," Martini says.

The new application merges FireSphere's advanced data protection features, which includes the automatic quarantine of infected machines and baseline anomaly detection. The software uses open-flow supporting switches to isolate infected machines and keep potential network damage and data theft to a minimum.

In the case of malware such as CryptoLocker -- a nasty and widespread version of ransomware -- the malicious code infects a machine, encrypts files and demands payment to release a machine. In a corporate setting, such malware can be disastrous if it spreads across PCs, as it could potentially lock-down a firm's entire computer systems. iboss says that solutions such as FireSphere can immediately block communication from an infected machine, which will prevent the infection from spreading.

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Dominic Wilde, VP of Product Management and Product Marketing at HP Networking commented:

"Given the turbulent nature of today's cyber threat landscape, organizations need a simpler way to manage and contain malware that has broken through the network perimeter. The integration of FireSphere with HP SDN architecture provides customers with the global visibility into their networks needed to ensure that such threats are contained before they are able to cause further damage to the organization."

According to new research released by Aruba Networks, a new threat faced by the enterprise is the risky behavior of mobile-wielding employees. The firm's report says that the majority of employees assume IT departments will protect them from threats when they use their personal devices to connect to corporate networks, and yet 31 percent admitted to losing data due to mobile device "misuse." In addition, most employees share access to both personal and work devices, but few include basic security including passwords or antivirus apps.

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