Icahn turns up heat in $3B investment in Apple

Icahn's rhetoric regarding Apple has shifted from having "undervalued" stock to "doing great disservice to shareholders."


If the Dell debacle of 2013 taught anyone anything, it was that Carl Icahn does not shy away from voicing his opinions publicly, giving real meaning to the expressing "putting his money where his mouth is."

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We've also learned since then that the American business magnate is a big fan of airing those opinions on Twitter.

Icahn made a splash last year when he took to the micro-blogging platform to reveal a substantial investment in Apple, which at the time he described as "undervalued."

The sentiments have shifted considerably since then, as demonstrated through a new series of Tweets posted by Icahn on Wednesday.

Take a look:

Icahn proved to be a thorn in the side of Michael Dell, leading the charge against the PC company's founder and CEO who wanted to take his business private.

It's too soon to tell if Icahn will become the same type of adversary to Apple CEO Tim Cook, although the groundwork is being established.

Shortly after the Apple investment was made, Icahn took to Twitter to shed light on some of the business-related topics of a dinner with Cook -- notably $150 billion buyback plan he touted as a "no brainer."

He followed that up in a candid interview with Bloomberg TV later in October, arguing that anyone who was not onboard with his buyback proposal must "have not bothered to read the balance sheet or maybe does not know how to read a balance sheet."

Nevertheless, as of 12:30PM EST, Apple shares were up by more than six percent since market open.