Icann hires BlackHat, Def Con founder

Icann has hired BlackHat and Def Con founder Jeff Moss to be its chief security officer.

Icann, the internet address administrator, said that it hired Jeff Moss, who founded Def Con, the world's largest hacker conference, and Black Hat, a global technical security conference, to be its chief security officer.

"[Moss] has the in-depth insider's knowledge that can only come from fighting in the trenches of the on-going war against cyber threats," said Icann's chief executive Rod Beckstrom in a statement on Thursday.

Lord Errol, who is chairman of the Information Society Alliance, said, "the global threats to the internet's domain name system are in essence the digital cold war of the new millennium," said Lord Errol. "To win this war we need someone like Jeff Moss who understands the hacker's mindset and has the international experience to grasp that today's online attacks can come from just about anywhere on the planet."

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