Icann preps cybersecurity facilities for top-level domains

The organisation has announced three new cybersecurity centres around the world that will provide secure digital signatures for top-level domains
Written by Vivian Yeo, Contributor on

Icann unveiled Wednesday the first of three new cybersecurity facilities that will provide secure digital signatures for country-code top-level domains.

The organisation, which administers the internet's addressing system, announced that the centres will be located in Singapore, Zurich, Switzerland and San Jose, California, and will provide digital signatures based on DNSSEC. All three premises are identical — hardened facilities with five levels of physical security surrounding a set of cryptography keys held on behalf of 14 countries. The responsibility for physical and cryptographic security is divided between two teams.

Work is still ongoing for the facilities, according to Bill Woodcock, research director of PCH, the company managing the Singapore centre. He said that physical security setup for the Singapore and San Jose facilities will be completed in August and September respectively. The Zurich facility is still under construction and will be fully operational in October.

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