ICANN seeks input on new strategic plan

ICANN is looking for feedback on how to improve its strategic plan, taking into account that the internet may be a different place in the next few years.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), now in the process of creating a new vision and strategic plan, is seeking feedback from the community on how its future will be shaped.

The organisation is about to begin revising its strategic plan. It has decided to split the program and projects from its existing strategic plan, with its new plan being formed from June.

At this point, it is asking the public to provide input, which will be put toward the development of a strategic plan framework. This input revolves around three main topic areas to identify forces that could change the internet in the next few years, how they might affect ICANN's mission and values, and any other factors that should be considered when revising the organisation's responsibilities.

ICANN hopes to have another public discussion session in July, ahead of the release of its strategic plan proposal in October. A subsequent round of discussions will again occur in November, before the board considers it in December. Finally, it should come into implementation in January.

Once the plan has been implemented, ICANN will then focus on the development of a new operating plan and budget.

Interested parties can lodge their interest on the My ICANN site.