Ice cream trucks melt away in Finland

Is the iconic ice-cream truck soon to be a relic of the past?

You might not immediately link ice-cream to Finland, but the country's inhabitants are mourning the soon-to-be loss of the iconic institution.

As children, the jingle on the street meant only one thing: the ice-cream man was here. However, Finland's trucks are likely to be out of commission after this summer, leaving children disappointed, due to new taxes on sweets which have risen prices by roughly 60 percent across the board.

Since the economic crisis, Finland's financial health has suffered. As a result, lawmakers have imposed a duty on sugary treats including soda, sweets and ice cream. For every pound of ice-cream purchased, this equates to an additional 60 cents per pound. Since the law went into effect in 2011, per capita consumption of ice cream has fallen by 20 percent.

As a result, Nestle and Unilever, dominant operators of ice-cream truck franchises in Finland, are pulling out of the market.

Short summers, long winters vast amounts of ground to cover in the country have all impacted the ice-cream truck's profitability. The trucks only appeared in Finland in 1993, and account for just five percent of total ice-cream sold in the country.

While some may remain hopeful that the trucks will return, others like Krister Sanmark have a singular request: "I hope they choose a more bearable chime compared with the one they had."

Via: Wall Street Journal

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