IDC: No signs of 'Internet fatigue'

IDC: Double-digit growth ahead for e-business

As a follow-up to my last post on the report of the rise of 'Internet fatigue,' I came across this recent report from IDC, which says just the opposite: that the "Digital Marketplace" created by the Internet will continue to grow at double-digit rates until the end of this decade.

Though you have to buy the report to find out exactly what the "double-digit" growth is in terms of numbers (it could be anywhere between 10% and 99% a year), IDC appears confident that there has been no lull or plateauing of Internet-based e-commerce:

As IDC analyst Karsten Weide put it:

"The digital marketplace is growing five to six times as fast as the overall economy, creating huge opportunities for businesses. With more than 70% of Americans using the Internet on a daily basis, businesses must understand how to effectively use the online medium to reach and engage their customers, partners, and employees."

There you have it. The experts say e-business is plateauing, and they also say it is surging ahead.