IDC: The tablet, not the PC, is the future

Tablet shipments are expected to surge and run far ahead of the humble PC due to inexpensive variants and changing consumer demand.

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Tablet shipments are expected to surge and run far ahead of the humble PC by 2015 due to inexpensive, small-screened variants and changing consumer demand, according to IDC.

The research agency says within its latest forecast that tablet shipments are expected to reach 229.3 million units in 2013, a growth rate of 58.7 percent in comparison to 144.5 million units in 2012. IDC also says that tablet shipments will exceed those of portable PCs this year, as the PC market is predicted to experience negative growth for the second consecutive year.

According to IDC, the change in consumer trends can be placed at the feet of low-cost Android devices. The worldwide average selling price (ASP) of tablets running this operating system is expected to decline by 10.8 percent to $381; whereas the ASP of PCs is nearly double at $635.

The price point is expected to decline due to the small screen tablet variants many tech giants now offer. In other words, the tablet computer represents a cheaper version of PC that still can cope with tasks the everyday consumer wants to accomplish.

Ryan Reith, Program Manager for IDC's Mobility Trackers commented:

"What started as a sign of tough economic times has quickly shifted to a change in the global computing paradigm with mobile being the primary benefactor. Tablets surpassing portables in 2013, and total PCs in 2015, marks a significant change in consumer attitudes about compute devices and the applications and ecosystems that power them.

IDC continues to believe that PCs will have an important role in this new era of computing, especially among business users. But for many consumers, a tablet is a simple and elegant solution for core use cases that were previously addressed by the PC."

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