Idealstor combines removable storage with RAID

FrankeNAS offers IT managers an alternative to using different products for on-site and remote storage

Storage firm Idealstor has launched a network attached storage product that offers both on-site and remote data storage.

The FrankeNAS combines the fuctionality of a RAID 5 Array alongside several removable ATA drives. Half of the device is devoted to the RAID Array, which can hold up to 1.8TB of data. The other half of the unit can hold up to four ATA drives, giving a maximum removable storage capacity of 1.6TB.

"This device allows backup administrators an all in one appliance where they schedule their backup jobs to run to the RAID 5 array for nearline storage and then offload that data to the Idealstor removable drives to physically take that data offsite for storage and compliance," said the company in a statement.

FrankeNAS acts as the host for a users' backup software and is configured as a Windows 2003 Server with dual Xeon processors.

The FrankeNAS starts at $5,995 (£3,440), for a device with a 300GB RAID Array and 200GB of ATA drive, rising to $19,995 for the top-of-the-range option with a 1.8TB RAID array and 1.6TB of ATA drives.

Idealstor will target FrankeNAS at enterprise customers, and also the small and medium-sized business market. It hopes that IT managers will choose it as an alternative to using tape drives or separate devices to handle their removable storage and data back-up needs.