Identify photos online using the Wolfram Language Image Identification Project

Have you ever wondered what that photo you have in front of you shows? Visit the new Wolfram ImageIdentify site from your computer and phone to find out all about it.

I enjoy looking at the amazing detail and color of flowers, but I am terrible at identifying them. Thanks to the new Wolfram Language Image Identification Project I can now point my smartphone at flowers and read more than I ever wanted about the detail of each flower.

Stephen Wolfram announced his latest achievement, the ability to use computers to identify what a picture is showing and provide details on that image. The new function is called ImageIdentify and as you can see on this website you simply tap to provide an image via a file browser or a camera if you are accessing this website from your smartphone.


This new ImageIdentify tool won't get every image correct, but my testing has shown it be fairly accurate. It is currently able to identify about 10,000 common kinds of objects and will learn and improve with user feedback.

The Wolfram website states that this tool will not identify UFOs, abstract art, specific people, and objects that are not everyday objects. It's a free tool so I recommend you try it out with as many pictures as you can.

Regarding this project, Stephen Wolfram stated:

But to me the greater significance is what can now be done by integrating things like ImageIdentify into the whole symbolic structure of the Wolfram Language. What ImageIdentify does is something humans learn to do in each generation. But symbolic language gives us the opportunity to represent shared intellectual achievements across all of human history. And making all these things computational is, I believe, something of monumental significance, that I am only just beginning to understand.

Google has its Goggles app that will help you identify landmarks, paintings, and more. This Wolfram tool looks to go further than the Google experiment did. Developers can create apps from the Wolfram Language so I imagine we will soon see apps for this functionality rather than having to use the website.

The backstory of the creation of ImageIdentify is fascinating and I recommend you scroll down on the announcement webpage to rad about the math and science behind this new function.