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Rupert Goodwins is exploring IDF for ZDNet UK -- click here to see some of his favourite gadgets from the show so far, and see the moment when Rupert got Segwayed. Hardware madness is an IDF favourite - click here to see some of the wackier machines on display. VIDEO:
IDF: Intel's got wireless in hand
Wed 11 Sep:
At the Intel Developer Forum in San Jose, California, AnchorDesk's David Coursey looks at the latest technologies coming from Intel, including reference designs for a new wireless handheld computer NEWS:
Where no chip has gone before
Fri 13 Sep: Star Trek's William Shatner was a featured speaker for Intel's peek at its future. Its research includes multi-gate transistors, silicon nanowires and carbon nanotubes Intel drops Rambus for workstations
Thur 12 Sep: The chipmaker is to end support for Rambus DRAM technology in new workstation chipsets Ultra-fast wireless could be 'third-generation Bluetooth'
Thur 12 Sep: Intel touts progress on creating ultrawideband, low-power wireless connections between PC and consumer electronics devices, which could arrive in three years' time Enterprise wireless networks secure at last?
Thur 12 Sep: At the Intel Developer Forum, Intel and Microsoft presented a solution to the very real problem of wireless network security - though it only works for the enterprise. One obstacle: wireless networking is 'like a drug' Cheap gadget wirelessly joins PCs, TVs
Thur 12 Sep: Intel's digital media adapter could accelerate mainstream acceptance of networking consumer electronics with PCs Intel to use desktop strength in wireless market
Wed 11 Sep: The chipmaker's Calexico PC card modem will allow PCs and notebooks to connect to wireless networks, and it'll be tested only with the Banias mobile processor Intel unveils Banias secrets
Wed 11 Sep: Banias is Intel's first totally new mobile processor for more than a decade, and it uses a host of tricks to save power Intel focuses on wireless
Wed 11 Sep: Intel's plans for future PCs and notebooks will focus on a wireless strategy, including the Banias mobile processor Intel sees dual-core Itanium by 2005
Wed 11 Sep: The technology move will allow higher-end networked computers to share tasks between processors, without breaking the bank Intel: Hyper-threading to speed desktops
Tues 10 Sep: A server technology will be used to give desktop chips an edge. Intel also shows Madison and demos a Pentium 4 running at 4.7GHz Intel and Sonicblue show off portable video player
Tues 10 Sep:
The prototype unit aims to be a 'portable media player', which promises 70 hours of video on the go Intel forecasts more woe ahead
Fri 6 Sep:
No sign of a recovery in the chip market yet says Intel
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