If smartphone OS companies made pumpkin pies

The Thanksgiving holiday is almost here in the U. S., and we take a fun look at the pumpkin pie, and what they would be like if made by the companies behind the smartphone OS.

Updated: As those of us in the U. S. prepare for the day of gluttony known as Thanksgiving Day, our thoughts are centered around roast turkey and pumpkin pie. Since this is a mobile tech blog, it is appropriate to imagine what it would be like if the companies that give us smartphone OSes turned to making pumpkin pies for the holiday.

iPie. Apple didn't invent the pumpkin pie, but it makes it better than anyone else. From the lovingly tested, tasted, and improved spices and other ingredients, the iPie emerges as a work of art. A work of art that tastes better than any pumpkin pie ever made. Sure it's expensive, but the iPie is worth the long lines at the Apple store on Thanksgiving morning. Don't forget the smart cover, that specially made whipped cream that keeps the pie warm while waiting for the table.

Android 5.0, aka Pumpkin Pie. This pie is assembled from bits and pieces from a dozen companies. None of them work together to produce the pie, but it comes together nicely just the same. While the pie doesn't look like much, it is good enough to satisfy the sweet tooth of most everyone, as long as you are willing to put up with the fact this pie is a little harder to eat than most. That's the price of being able to hack almost any ingredient you want into the Android pumpkin pie. It's not unheard of for Android pie eaters to turn it into something distinctly different, like an Apple pie.

Windows Phone 7.7, aka Pumpkin. The pumpkin pie from the Windows Phone folks is a radical departure from pumpkin pies of the past. The simple, dated recipe of the past was thrown out in favor of a flavorful, new pie. This pie is sleek and modern, with the use of bright colors unique in the pumpkin pie world. One bite leads quickly to another and another, until the tile of pumpkin pie is just a fading memory. Of course, you simply cut off another tile of the WP Pie, and all is well again. The feature of the pie that notifies all your social network buddies what you are eating is considered an innovative perk of the Microsoft Pumpkin pie.

BlackBerry strudel. Once again RIM misses the mark with the strudel masquerading as a pumpkin pie. No one is fooled, as they rarely are, and the strudels sit on shelves across the globe. They are drying out and shrinking, as if trying to hide from all the real pumpkin pies. (No image provided as it is just too sad for a holiday season).

Update: webOS Go Away Pie. There is no webOS Pie any longer. Shortly after delivering the pies to the retailers, HP recalled them and gave them away, not to the homeless but to rich techies. While the webOS Pie was a great holiday dessert with unique texture and taste, HP decided to take its pies and go home. Rather than sell the webOS Go Away Pie, HP is letting its shareholders eat cake instead.

This is all in good fun, and for those who celebrate Thanksgiving have a safe and happy one. For those who don't, we will all hoist a slice or two in your honor. Peace.

Image credit: Flickr users SanFranAnnie, Like_the_Grand_Canyon, marc kjerland (top - bottom)