If you crash, a bike helmet calls for help

If you get in a bad bike crash, a new helmet immediately calls for help.

Smart technology is already being deployed in cars, but one company wants to use similar wireless sensors to make your bike trip a little more safe.

ICEdot has created a helmet that gets in touch with your emergency contacts if you are involved in an accident that severely impacts your helmet.

Here's how the ICEdot Crash Sensor works: First, download an app to your smartphone. Then, using any helmet, place a sensor on its exterior. Each time you go for a bike ride activate the sensor by pushing a button on your app that let's the smartphone know you're going for a ride. If you do get in an accident and you have a strong impact against your helmet, your preprogrammed emergency contacts are notified via text of your GPS coordinates. If a text is sent your emergency information also pops up on your phone along with allergy and medication information.

It would definitely be problematic if the helmet sent out texts for accidental impacts (what if you drop it?), but ICEdot accounts for that. A countdown screen comes up on your phone that allows you to cancel the emergency text. If you don't cancel in time, though, the emergency text is sent.

The system is ideal for cyclists who ride long distances by themselves. But, of course, it can be used by the urban commuter. The sensor can also be used on helmets for action sports other than biking.

ICEdot has developed this technology and now they want to produce it on a large scale. The Tulsa-based company has taken to Indiegogo to crowdfund the startup costs with hopes of raising $100,000. Here's more information:

[Via The Atlantic Cities]

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