If you develop for iPhone, Google may be calling you soon

Not too long ago Google reached out to best selling App developers for iPhone. The latest word is that they're at it again, with an offer to try a Nexus One.

I heard that Google was reaching out to iPhone App developers not too long ago, and now it appears that the company is at it again. After all, who could blame them? The App Store is a huge success and while Android is catching on, it still doesn't have the same penetration as the iPhone OS.

This latest round involves the developer of the Texts From Last Night app for the iPhone. According to David Pogue, the developer received an e-mail from Google's Android Advocacy Group asking if he would be interested in porting his app to Android. The rep from Google then offered to ship a free Nexus One for him to play around with.

The above sounds like a great offer, and if Google is successful in convincing some iPhone App developers to write their best selling apps for Android, then it's not only a win for Google but also for Android-based phone users.

I have a number of friends who swear by the DROID and DROID Eris on Verizon. I think if you don't get caught up in the iPhone hype, the latest Android offerings, including the Nexus One and HTC Incredible, are even better than the iPhone in some cases.