If you're a young entrepreneur, move to Tulsa

NerdWallet analyzed 43 of the largest cities in the U.S. and picked the top 10 best ones for young entrepreneurs to live in.

Young entrepreneurs need more than just access to funding. It also helps to live in a city that has a thriving economy, is affordable and has a pool of potential collaborators with education and business experience.

Tulsa, Okla., meets all of the criteria and more, making it the best city for young entrepreneurs to live in, according to financial services information site NerdWallet, which included 43 of the largest U.S. cities in its analysis.

NerdWallet ranked cities based on C&I loans from community banks as of Dec. 31, 2012 and divided by the population; cost of living from C2ER Cost of Living Index; number of business per 100 residents from the U.S. Census; percentage of residents with a bachelor's degree; per capita income; unemployment rate; population growth rate.

Why Tulsa? The city earned the top spot largely due to the high availability of C&I loans along with its low cost of living and low unemployment rate.

Tampa, Fla. came in second place, followed by Atlanta, Raleigh, North Carolina and Oklahoma City. Check out NerdWallet's graphic below for a full breakdown.

Photo: Flickr user Maduko

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