iFrogz Cache iPhone 6 Plus case lets you carry cards when Apple Pay just isn't enough

Apple Pay lets you purchase items with your iPhone at selected merchants, but there are still many times when you need your ID, another credit card, transit card, and more. That's where the iFrogz Cache comes in.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
iFrogz Cache iPhone 6 Plus case lets you carry cards when Apple Pay just isn't enough

I have been using Apple Pay around town and late last week I found a case that helps get me closer to leaving the wallet behind.

The iFrogz Cache case is designed to protect your iPhone 6 Plus while also providing a carriage system for a few cards. The case comes in a gray material with black, pink, and red straps and highlights. I was sent a black one to test out.

The iFrogz Cache has four strong elastic straps crisscrossing the back that are designed to hold cards in place. Apple Pay is useful for payments where vendors support the service, so you still need to carry other cards, your ID, and more. I have an ORCA transit card and a key card for the office that I must carry to make it through the day. Thus, I placed my ID, debit card, ORCA card, and office key card in the Cache.

All four were held in place quite securely, but since I rarely need my ID and debit card and I didn't want to risk losing them, I decided to keep only my ORCA transit card and office key card in the case. I have my phone with me all the time at the office so it was easy to remember to carry my iPhone 6 Plus as I moved around the office.

Two cards in the Cache seemed very secure, but four cards worried me a bit due to the thickness and possibility that one may slip out between the other cards. I don't know what the recommended number of cards is for the case.

The inside of the case is made of durable gray plastic while the sides have a softer feel. There are openings for all buttons, ports, and the back Apple logo. The back has a pleasant, patterned soft feel.

Very little weight or bulk is added by the case, and it has allowed me to leave my office in my bag at my desk and move about. ZDNet's Zack Whittaker mentioned that Apple Pay may expand to transit systems and keyless entry, which are the two cards I find essential for the iFrogz Cache. Actually, when I tap the iFrogz Cache and my ORCA card on the reader, Apple Pay launches and prompts me to use Touch ID to pay for my trip. I don't since it is a false reading at this time, but I would like to have one wireless payment system handle all these transactions.

The iFrogz Cache is available now for $29.99. It is a great accessory for those who have to carry cards around.

iFrogz Golite Express

iFrogz also sent along their small Golite Express portable charger (not yet on their site). This small charger has 700 mAh capacity to provide up to one hour of additional talk time for your iPhone.


A cover hides a Lightning connector, and a microUSB port for charging up the small charger. A three-color LED shows you the battery status and a small switch is used to initiate your phone charge.

The Golite Express is covered in soft touch material and comes with a small ring so you can attach it to your keychain and always have a bit of extra power with you.

InvisibleShield HDX

I took a look at the InvisibleShield Glass a couple of weeks ago. For those who want to save $10 and also add a screen protector with more shatter protection, then you may want to consider the InvisibleShield HDX.

This screen protector is similar to the Glass model with a case-friendly design so the protector doesn't extend all the way out to the edges. It is made of durable plastic material, the same that protects military helicopter blades, and feels substantial.

I don't think anything can beat the clarity and smooth feel of glass, but the HDX does still provide great clarity and feels good on the display. While I haven't had enough time to fully test this out, InvisibleShield advertises that the HDX has nano-memory technology so that scratches and dings heal over time.

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