iiNet's NBN outage blamed on faulty DHCP server

A five-hour, almost national outage of iiNet's fibre, NBN, and IPTV services on Friday has been blamed on a faulty DHCP server.

A lengthy outage of fibre, NBN, and IPTV services for iiNet customers on Friday was blamed on a faulty DHCP server.

At approximately 12pm AEST on Friday, iiNet reported that iiNet customers on fibre to the home services, including the National Broadband Network, as well as iiNetTV customers were unable to connect to the internet.

The issue was reported to have affected customers across all states and territories except Western Australia, although iiNet did not confirm exactly how many customers were affected. According to iiNet's last financial results for the first half of the 2014 financial year, iiNet has 48,000 fibre customers, including NBN customers.

Engineers within iiNet pinpointed the issue to be with a faulty Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server which is used to assign IP addresses to customers.

"A faulty DHCP server has been identified as the cause of this outage. Configuration for this server has been removed from network devices and affected customer sessions have been cleared. Customers affected by this issue are able to connect to the internet again," a spokesperson for iiNet told ZDNet.

The issue was resolved at approximately 5:30pm AEST.

Customers who were unable to reconnect to the internet were advised to restart their modem.