IKEA moves into the Paris Metro

The Swedish furniture giant constructed two compact apartments in the Auber metro station complete with inhabitants to display space saving solutions.
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For one week in one of the world’s largest underground stations, Ubi Bene and IKEA installed two identical apartments, one with five roommates whose daily lives were also on display. The 54 square meter (581 square foot) apartments occupied the main concourse of Auber metro station in Paris.

Ubi Bene, a French advertising agency, came up with the idea as a way to show how IKEA's storage solutions can transform the smallest of apartments into a comfortable living space. The inhabited apartment had plexiglass windows for passersby to observe how the roommates lived, worked, and even entertained in their shared, small space. The uninhabited apartment was open so people could walk through and try out the same furniture and fixtures.

The construction of the apartments is the latest in a series of campaigns that includes the Man Cave in Sydney that provided a playspace for husbands and the shipping container home exhibit at the 2011 Copenhagen Design Week.

Browse more photos and a video of how the Paris Metro IKEA apartments were installed below:

Images: courtesy of Ubi Bene

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