'ILOVEYOU' virus fix available

Security firm releases software patch protecting against ILOVEYOU

Internet security company Network Associates has released a patch to its VirusScan software for protecting PCs from the quickly-spreading "ILOVEYOU" virus. The software and patch are available here.

The virus has disabled the email facilities of large organisations across Asia, Europe and the US. It deletes data and sends itself to email addresses listed in the widely-used Microsoft Outlook address book.

A security firm has estimated the virus is spreading many times faster than the destructive Melissa, making it potentially the worst virus infestation to date. The virus has already forced several large organisations in Europe -- including Britain's House of Commons and Lucent -- to shut down their mail servers.

See the full report here.

The Internet and email make it easy for dark forces to distribute damaging software viruses. Tony Westbrook explains how within a day the whole world had got its guard up for the ILOVEYOU virus. Go to AnchorDesk UK for the news comment.

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