I'm going to be on BlogTalkRadio tonight!

Join us BlogTalkRadio!

Join me and host Peter Biddle (Intel's Chief Atom Smasher, perhaps the coolest title ever and one which I thoroughly envy) talking about ed tech today:

“Teach Your Children Well; Technology in Education”

"Everyone agrees that education in the U.S. is in dire need of improvement and that technology can play an important role. But that seems to be where the agreement ends. For students and teachers alike, to what degree can technology help us provide the education our children need to compete in the 21st century. Is technology one aspect of education in which we can ensure a level playing field? On this episode of MashUp Radio, Peter Biddle and education technology consultant and reporter Chris Dawson will discuss how technology and education come together. Peter and Chris will talk about topics that include the benefits of adopting open source software in educational environments, and whether the netbook or the iPad is better "

We're on live now for the next half an hour!

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