Images and initial impressions of a Verizon-branded BlackBerry Z10 appear

At the end of this month we will see RIM announce BlackBerry 10 along with devices and it is now pretty clear the Z10 will be a part of that announcement. The device is getting branding and some clear images are now available.

January 30th is going to be a big day for RIM as they publicly reveal BlackBerry OS 10 and devices running this latest platform in New York. Android and iOS are the clear first and second smartphone platforms, but third place is up in the air and Microsoft doesn't seem to be making much headway in securing this spot. I personally look forward to seeing what RIM has to offer and these leaked photos and intial hands-on impressions of the Z10 on Business Insider have me even more excited to give BB 10 a spin.

I tried using BlackBerry devices in the past and loved the hardware, especially the keyboard of the Bold 9900. However, I really needed better Gmail and native Exchange support, without having to setup a BES, and ended up going back to iOS and Android for my main devices. I understand BB 10 is more like the PlayBook's QNX-based OS that hopefully includes EAS support. I thought the Z10 looked similar to the iPhone 5 in previous leaked images, but was surprised to see it appearing quite a bit larger than the iPhone 5 in the current image. The iPhone 5 is quite small compared to most high end smartphones and the Z10 looks to still be sleeker than many Android devices.

There are some initial impressions from a person reportedly testing the AT&T and Verizon units and one thing that jumped out at me was the integration with Evernote. I imagine it may be something like we see with OneNote on Windows Phone and as a long-time Evernote premium member I look forward to testing out this integration. I don't currently have any plans to purchase a smartphone early in 2013, but if RIM shows us something compelling then I may pick up a new BlackBerry device.


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