Immerse yourself in a new skill with this video learning site

CreativeLive offers up to five classes daily on everything from graphic design to how to write an effective business plan for your small business.



Looking for some fresh ideas to redesign your corporate identity or product branding? Trying to get smarter about your public relations experiments? Getting ready to write a "real" business plan?

If you are a small-business owner who answered "yes" to any of those questions AND you feel like you'd need a little outside inspiration, you should check out some of the online video workshops at CreativeLive.

What separates this online education site from other options is one simple thing - all the "live" events that it streams during the week are free. You could literally sign up for a class, enter the virtual classroom and multitask (if you want) while it's going on (just like you would if you were there in person).

If you want to access an archived one, however, you'll have to pay for it. There's a wide range of prices for the archived sessions: As I browsed the catalog to prepare this post, there were offerings ranging from as little as $29 for a time management course to $149 for a specialized class in studio lighting.

The sessions are anywhere from one to five days long, and they are recorded and streamed with anywhere from four to seven high-definition cameras. There are on-site participants in the sessions; moderators facilitate questions from online attendees. 

"We capture the zeitgeist of the entrepreneur - from creativity to left-brained stuff," said Chase Jarvis, an award-winning commercial photographer, who cofounded the site after seeking a place to reenergize some of his own skills.

The fastest growing "channel" on CreativeLive is the business one, Jarvis said. Some of the current best-selling topics include "Take Care of Business," "Sales, Sales, Sales" and "Money + Business: Essentials for Creative Entrepreneurs."

Photo: Courtesy of CreativeLive (Copyright, Montgomery | Trudy Takes Pictures)