In CO, playing politics with sex offender laws

CO AG says Dems want to be fair to sex offenders, after bill that would target all offenders dies in committee. Dem-sponsored bill focused on child abusers has his support.

There’s some things it’s just hard for a politician to support. Like sex offenders, for instance. A bill to require sexual offenders to register their emails, IM names and chat room identities died in Democratic-run Colorado legislature.

That’s when Colorado Republican Attorney General John Suthers went bulldog, saying Democrats killed the original bill because "they simply said they thought it was unfair to sex offenders," The Rocky Mountain News reports.

Democrats lashed out at the charge that they are pro-sex offender. Rep. Terrance Carroll, D-Denver, said: "I just think it's shameful that the attorney general chose to resort to political grandstanding as opposed to good, sound and pragmatic public policy.”

Now the bill is back, focused on child molesters only.

The AG's spokesman, Nate Strauch, said Suthers disagreed with Carroll's early suggestion to narrow the bill to child molesters, warning that it could allow rapists to prey on women using online dating Web sites.

"What (Carroll) calls a fix, we believe in fact weakens the bill's ability to protect Coloradans," he said.

After the grandstanding, though, the AG supports the new bill. After all, he wouldn’t want to come out soft on child molesters.

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